Prairie Centre for Mindfulness

Awaken your Life

“If we hope to go anywhere or develop ourselves in any way, we can only step from where we are standing."
- Dr. Jon Kabat Zinn

Welcome to Prairie Centre for Mindfulness (PCFM) where you can awaken to your life.

Being human is not always easy. The sky is a beautiful metaphor for life as both are constantly changing, sometimes in sudden and unwanted ways. At the same time, we can be awestruck by a spectacular sunset or a rainbow after a storm. The same is true for our lives, though acknowledging this truth is not always easy. We want the sun to always shine and there to never be any rain on our parades. We want to always be happy and to never experience any sadness, pain or change.  

When sudden, unwanted or unexpected changes occur, there can be a strong tendency to want to disconnect, numb out or completely avoid the moment. What if instead, we learned to curiously pay attention to the moment? What if instead, we cultivated the ability to be with whatever arises from moment to moment? What if instead, we learned to practice mindfulness?  

We do not practice mindfulness in order to escape from our lives. We practice mindfulness so that we can relate to our experience in a different way and to embrace who we are … completely, non-judgmentally, with compassion … to awaken to our lives.

You’re invited to explore all the information available on the website. Questions and comments are always welcome. 

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