Prairie Centre For Mindfulness

Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada

Awaken to your Life

The Prairie Centre for Mindfulness was founded in 2015 with the intention of building a community of people interested in cultivating mindfulness. Since that time, hundreds of people have participated in the courses, retreats, presentations, and other group learning and practice opportunities that have been offered. This includes the internationally-acclaimed eight week course, Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR). You’re invited to explore all the information available on the website. Questions and comments are always welcome.

Upcoming Courses and Events

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Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction Course




Physical Illness

Life Transitions

What attracts people to Mindfulness?

People are drawn to participate in mindfulness courses for a variety of reasons. These include:

  • Stress (work-related, school, family, illness, aging, grief, uncertainly about the future, and feeling “out of control);
  • Medical conditions (chronic pain, high blood pressure, fibromyalgia, cancer, heart disease, asthma, digestive difficulties, headaches, etc.);
  • Emotional distress (anxiety, panic, depression, fatigue and insomnia);
  • Prevention and wellness (health enhancement, self-care and wellness focused on prevention and learning the “how” of taking good care of yourself while feeling a better sense of balance).

Prairie Mindfulness Professionals

Joanne Frederick M.A.

Registered Psychologist

Joanne Frederick is a Registered Psychologist who has worked with individuals, groups and organizations in a variety of roles since 1987. Her work is guided by a passion for helping people find sustainable solutions to life challenges using a mindfulness-based approach.

Jacki Woodworth

MBSR Teacher

Jacki Woodworth has been practicing and studying yoga & mindfulness since 2006, and teaching both since 2010. In the field of Social Work, Jacki frequently saw the challenges that stress can present for people. This has honed a keen interest in working to reduce its effects.

Dr. Ghazala Radwi


Dr. Ghazala Radwi is a physician. She is currently working in the field of Hematology and Transfusion Medicine. Dr. Radwi is also a mindfulness practitioner with a deep interest in the connection between mind and body with regards to achieving a wholesome state of health.